This page has now become a Memorial for Sabrina who crossed the rainbow bridge on May 24, 2019.  Thank you for so many wonderful years old girl.  You are forever in our hearts!









Sabrina is our son’s 4-H dog and quite frankly my husband’s even if he doesn’t admit it.  She excels in obedience, Rally and has her Canine Good Citizenship.  We are hoping to have her 3 leg for her Novice Rally title very soon.  Her first leg she took 2nd place at the Seattle AKC show and also placed 2nd in her class at Bell Vernon.  She also has her 1st leg on her obedience title.  Time has prohibited her from going in the ring very often so it has been a slow go even though she has only missed getting a leg 1 time.  Sabrina is spayed so will not be bred since her coat is not that of show quality despite her many wonderful attributes, the best one being a fantastic personality.

Update:  As of March 2012 AKC show in Seattle Sabrina has her Novice Rally Title.  She also went on to get her 1st leg on her Advanced Rally Title with a 2nd place win, once again at Seattle.

Another great update!  On April 1st Sabrina took her 2nd leg of her Advanced Rally title at Western Wahington Obedience show in Monroe.  Once again she tied for 2nd and beat the other dog by a full 30 seconds to take the red ribbon…….moving right along!

Latest and Greatest update:  At the Yakima show in June, Sabrina finished her Advanced Rally title and took her second leg in Obedience.  We also gave Rally Excellent a whirl but with only 5 minutes before we went in the ring to learn 3 signs we had never done……..well, we gave it a great effort.  She did perform all signs she had ever been exposed to perfectly so with a little more work, we will be on our way to her Excellent title.

Update: Sept 2014-  Gabriel qualified to go to State Fair in Standard Agility, Jumpers Agility and Showmanship.  Not only did they do well in both Agility events, he took Reserve Champion in Showmanship.  He returned for the All State Run-offs and took 3rd place over all in the state!  So proud of these two.

Update: Sept 2015- THEY DID IT AGAIN!!!  Qualified for Jumpers Agility and Showmanship to go to State Fair.  At State, they took Grand Champion in both events.  At the all state run-offs, they took 4th in the entire state once again.  Amazing teamwork.

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Sabrina 2012 Seattle AKC show 2nd Place Advanced Rally