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Welcome to Sweet Companion Shelties

We have new little ones.  On 5/16/2023 Cadbury brought about the arrival of 5 beautiful babies, 2 boys and 3 girls.

My apologies that the majority of this website is outdated but I have moved primarily over to Facebook.  The maker of the page is no longer supporting this version and I have not moved forward with anything newer.  Feel free to reach out to me for the most current information.

2016_SHET_BWH_bannerWelcome to Sweet Companions

July 2019: Gabe will continue with his 4-H endeavors when he attempts to compete at fair this fall with his 2 new puppies.  Our 2 new hopefuls Sweet Companion Cadbury was born around Easter and her half sister Sweet Companion Oh Goobery 1 (aka Goobers) born on Mother’s Day will make their debut at the Evergreen State Fair late this summer.  And yes, to answer your question, a 15 year old boy named them. 😉 

May 2019: After competing with Sabrina for over 9 years, our son lost his faithful 4-H partner after a valiant fight with liver cancer.  She was gifted to him when he was 5 years old and she was 4 years old.  Sabrina passed away being loved on by myself and Gabe on May 24, 2019.

2016:  Year number 3 that Gabe and Sabrina have earned their way to state, this time in Showmanship, Jumpers Agility and Standard Agility.  Gabe took Reserve Champion in Showmanship earning his way back to state for run off’s once again.  This is where his Showmanship path ended.  Sabrina did however get a clean run in Standard Agility and a high blue/Champion in Jumpers Agility.  Not to shabby for an elderly girl of nearly 11 years old.  This team is unstoppable.

2015:  He did it again.  Gabriel and Sabrina qualified for the State Fair in Puyallup in Showmanship and Agility Jumpers.  He took Grand Champion in both events which qualified him for the all state run offs once again.  At the Run-Off’s they took Grand Champion in Agility Jumpers and 4th overall in the State in Showmanship.

2014: We have several exciting events in our midst….. Not only did Gabriel and Sabrina qualify for the State Fair in Puyallup in Showmanship, Agility and Jumpers 2014 but he took Reserve Champion thereby qualifying to go to run offs.  At the finals Gabriel took 3rd over all the state for his age group in Showmanship!  Way to go kiddo!!!!