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Twizzler- 3 years old

Twizzler has grown into a beautiful young lady.

Welcome little one……..Sweet Companion Twizzler is the daughter of Suede and Skittles.  Twizzler acquired her first leg in Rally at the Albany Sheltie Specialty in July 2014.  Way to go Twizzler!

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Twizzler’s Hips are Certified OFA Good and Elbows as Normal.  Eyes are certified CERF.

Twizzler @ 3 months

Twizzler’s first AKC show. Seattle 2013 @ 7 months old. Shown in the 6-9 month puppy class.

Twizzler being naughty on Sunday…she wanted to play in the ring. 7 months old, Seattle AKC show March 2013

Twizzler at 2 years old

Twizzler at 2 years old